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Iran announced last week that it had stopped oil exports to British and French companies and called on other EU buyers to extend their oil contracts with Iran to two to five years. The living compound of the former al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden in Pakistan's northwest About MBT Shoes city of Abbottabad is being demolished, said one local media report. The U.S. economy will likely be the main topic as President Barack Obama meets Sunday and Monday with most of America’s 50 state governors.


Local Urdu TV channel Express said that the front part of bin Laden's compound has been demolished and three heavy machines are taking part in the demolition work. Qalebani also said that for sure, if the hostile measures of some other European countries are continued, the oil exports MBT Chapa Shoes to these countries will be stopped. After several years of job losses and state budget crises, a number of states, including some of those hit hardest by the recession, are showing signs of a rebound.


If the EU states stop the hostile measures, Iran was ready to renew its oil contracts MBT Footwear with those countries, said Qalebani, who is also managing director of National Iranian Oil Company. Mr. Obama recently visited a Boeing airliner factory in the Northwestern state of Washington, as part of his campaign to promote his economic plan.